About Jin


Well hello there. I’m Jin, 30¬†years old, living in paradise. By paradise, I mean Hawaii. I recently got out of the Army and joined the civilian world. My original plan was to continue my advanced education and obtain a Family Nurse Practitioner license. It was… until I stopped and reevaluated my life. My passion truly lies in journalism. And then I asked myself, “when am I the happiest”? Besides sitting on the couch in front of a plate of delicious food with my cute/cuddly dog sitting next to me (isn’t that the best feeling?! Especially when you’re super hungry. God, I love food).

I’m the happiest when I am traveling. I’m the happiest when I can share the natural beauty I’ve witnessed with anyone who is willing to listen (or read). I’m the happiest when I can capture the astonishing landscapes with photos. That’s when I had an epiphany: It’s never too late to chase your dreams. Life is too short to live in a bubble. The world is too beautiful to ignore.

So come and explore the world with me. We have a lot to see.