An Autumn Weekend in New York City


Oh New York. You’re the ultimate setting for every romantic movies, unforgettable TV shows (Sex & the City, anyone?), and all the love stories we’ve all heard. Last time I visited New York, I was 18 and didn’t care enough to fully appreciate the beauty of this concrete jungle. Now, at 31, I’m completely in love with the impressive architecture, the beautiful skyline, charming people of New York, and the hustle & bustle of the city life.


Although we only had one short weekend in New York, we did our best to make the best of it!

Day One

First stop: Times Square. While walking towards the wonderful landmark, we walked by countless number of enormous buildings. We imagined what it would be like to work in one of those buildings– imagine ‘Devil Wears Prada’– crossing the street, weaving through cabs, rushing into one of those buildings to get those 20 orders of skirts for Miranda Priestly!

New York is full of unique things. Look at that cute NYPD smart car behind my friend!

Next stop: Rockefeller Center and surrounding area


The ice skating rink was open (although, at the time we visited, they were smoothing out the ice) in October! One day, I’ll return in Christmas time and go ice skating here. Due to time constraint, we weren’t able to check out the city view from Top of the Rock (rooftop of Rockefeller Center), but quick tip- it’s cheaper compared to the rooftop of Empire State Building, & the view is just as good (from what I hear)!



I absolutely loved walking around the city and taking in all of the architectural beauty.

Day Two 

Brooklyn Bridge & Vegan food.


Brunch is the best way to start the day, right?! Well, when you’re in Brooklyn, you have to visit Modern Love. Amazing variety of healthy, delicious vegan food, tasty mimosas, and freshly brewed Kombucha on tap. My favorite thing on the menu was shrooms & grits, but there were other yummy options like seitan & waffles, tofu benedict, and chickpea frittata.


With a full stomach, we ventured out in Brooklyn and did some vintage clothing shopping, enjoyed a cup of latte in a quaint coffee shop, and experienced Brooklyn version of Tarot Card readings. No better way to spend a day in Brooklyn, eh?


And now, the best way to get back into Manhattan? Brooklyn Bridge! We started walking along the Brooklyn Bridge when the sun was still up and by the time we got to the middle of the bridge, the sun had set and the city lights lit up!


Sunset is definitely the best time to walk across the bridge. We got to see the sun setting into the cityscape, marvel in the stunning view of the Manhattan skyline at dusk, and feel the cool evening breeze as we crossed the bridge.

Day Three

Food, food, & more food.


What’s a New York visit, without eating ramen?! Spicy Tonkotsu ramen is the best way to go. This broth was just simply delicious.


Spicy rice cake in k-town is a must when in New York k-town!

Overall, New York was a blast, but one weekend is just too short to visit the Empire State. I promised myself I’ll return for a longer visit next time, so stay tuned for more New York!

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