Hiker’s Tips to Lulumahu Falls Hike, Oahu

Here’s the brutal truth— secret’s out. This hike is no longer secluded, hidden, or peaceful. If you hike to this waterfall on a weekend, you have no choice but to stand in line and wait your turn to take a photo in front of the waterfall. You will tailgate the slow group in front of you through a narrow trail until you awkwardly ask to pass them. You will hear that one rowdy group behind you screaming & laughing obnoxiously while crossing that river. What a great way to enjoy nature, huh?

But hey, I’m here to help! There’s a way around this, and I’ll share all of the secrets with you to fully enjoy this hike.

First tip: avoid the weekends and Holidays. Or try an odd hour– super early, perhaps.

The truth is, all of the different components that make up this hike will be that much more enjoyable if you’re not crowded by other hikers.

(Photo by Kawika V. IG: kawikav)

At the beginning of the hike, you’ll walk through a bamboo forest. The sound of the bamboo clashing together in sync with the wind is eerie, yet mesmerizing.

Tip #2: The actual path towards the waterfall bypasses the bamboo forest entirely, but make that small detour into the forest. Stand in the middle of it all. Being surrounded by the sound of the crashing bamboo is oddly peaceful and absolutely beautiful.


The moment you exit the bamboo forest, you’re greeted by a beautiful, green clearing with gorgeous backdrop filled with valleys and mountains.

Tip #3: If you’re lucky, you’ll encounter few daredevils willing to jump 65 foot off the nearby water tower into the reservoir. Lucky, or unlucky? Hopefully these daredevils are pro/experienced cliff divers and you don’t need to call 911. Yikes.


Once you follow the path towards the mountains, you’ve reached the actual start of the hike.

Tip #4: Take a photo in front of the infamous graffiti wall! The bright colors make a beautiful backdrop.


The trail is relatively clear— except few sections where it disappears. And when it does? Cross the river. You’ll cross the river several times while following the trail.

Tip #5: Forget about keeping yourself dry. Trying to cross the river (multiple times, might I add) without getting your shoes wet is like trying to eat a granola bar at home without making a mess. Impossible. Crumbly mess everywhere.


After crossing the river several times while climbing few small and over-sized rocks, you’ll reach your final destination. Take photos, swim around in the pond, or just sit back & enjoy the roaring waterfall.

Tip #6:

Disclaimer: *Only follow this tip if you’re an experienced hiker AND you’re hiking with several friends*.

Hike this trail during or after a heavy rainfall and you’ll encounter waterfalls left and right throughout the hike. Once you arrive at the finale, the main waterfall is raging! It’s a completely different experience compared to hiking on a sunny day.


This is a beautiful and a super fun hike that anyone can enjoy. Just remember to go during a weekday to avoid the crowds!

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