Lanikai Beach, Oahu


When you think of relaxing Hawaii beaches, you think of light blue/clear waters, gentle rolling waves, fine/warm sand and beautiful backdrop. Right?


Lanikai beach was voted the world’s best beach by Dr. Beach several years in a row and now it is completely overcrowded (thanks Dr. Beach). But I’m going to reveal some secrets—

First secret: There are 11 access points. Okay, that’s not really a secret.. Here’s the real secret.


Access point #1 to #6 is really crowded. Even on weekdays. Access #7 is where you want to be— beach access, away from the crowds, pristine water all to yourself (& few other visitors). If you REALLY want privacy and is a fan of jumping off things: Access #8! The beach is blocked off by a raised concrete that you have to jump off of if you want to get in the water. Good news? EMPTY waters except few kayakers passing through.

Plus, parking can be a bitch anywhere from #1 to #6 (street parking only).


This one isn’t much of a secret, but guess what? It’s dog-friendly! Bad news? The sand here is extremely fine so afterwards either take your pooch to the groomers or shampoo them twice. Or else, your bed/floors will be covered in sand.


Here’s your second secret: Hawaii Beach Time. (omg, I am doing free advertisement, I am such a good blogger)

You see those two islands in the above picture? Those are the Mokulua Islands and you can kayak there. If you know anything about the Windward side, you know that all the businesses are closer to Kailua beach and hauling a kayak from Kailua (or paddling from Kailua) can be daunting. Hawaii Beach Time will deliver kayaks directly to you- just tell them which access point you will be located.


Few tips: Check the weather before you head out. Check the surf report before you head out to the Mokulua Islands. Park closer to access #7.

Enjoy this beautiful beach with your family, kids, dogs, and a bowl of poke!


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