The beautiful, bustling, & delicious city of Tokyo

The moment we landed in Japan, we felt a vibe. An energetic feel mixed in with some unique freshness


Antelope Canyon Itinerary

Antelope Canyon should be on everyone's bucket list. It's a breathtaking natural phenomenon created by years of constant wind and water erosion that smooths away the sandstone into beautiful wave-like shapes. Although, I think Antelope Canyon is already on everyone's bucket list, because it is CROWDED. While we were waiting for our tour to begin, …

Exploring Bali

After spending one week in Bali, I realized one week is not enough to experience the island (and nearby islands accessible by boats). First of all, this island is HUGE (I mean, compared to Oahu). To get anywhere from our hotel, it took about 30-40 minutes (with endless traffic). To get to Ubud from the …